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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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leon: the first at 6:00 tonight, messages of these, hope him and tolerance as he addresses the big issues facing our nation. maureen: the last they -- left a lasting mark on the halls of capital. but now another part of the journey begins. leon: he is beginning the second leg of his trip to america in new york city. a short time from now will be holding evening prayer at st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan. maureen: his visit will include a visit to the u.n. and a mass at madison square art and. -- garden. busy and enthusiastic. d.c. all the excitement we saw ind.c. has made its way to new york city. you can crowds are only starting to elevate in the excitement because the pope is getting front desk close. -- the pope is getting close. that is the popemobile.
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,e will get out of that fiat get into the popemobliile. you can see the security obviously intense at st. patrick's. 6000 police officers are called in for handling this situation. recently underwent a $177 million renovation. --evant because past popes it's part of the pope's inclusive message. you can hear some of the enthusiasm from people who are out there earlier today about the emotional draw for this pope. >> i have been going to mass often. is the real thing. he is authentic. he is from the heart. he interviewed the young children. i just wet. -- wept. other people, i had to interest.
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he speaks for the people. such a genuine and humble way that you hear his message. you hear his call for peace. reporter: here we are back out live in new york. you can see the preparations down to the final moments before the pope makes his way down fifth avenue and to st. patrick's. you can see the crowd getting deeper and more excited. everyone holding a flag or a phone at this point. you see the excitement and you talk to people out here. they continue to say what that first woman said. it's not about being a pope, it is about being this pope. it's because of the messages we've heard today on capitol hill to congress that further excited and energized this group. he talked about following the -- it isle and certainly enough that everyone could galvanize behind when
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message. we are live on fifth avenue and the pope about to come down. we believe -- bring you live pictures throughout his movement. leon: thank you. before the pope left to go to new york history was made in washington which included a first ever address to congress by a pope. and then emotional moment he's been with a homeless. let's look at the events of today. let's start with jonathan on capitol hill we got to see the history being made. jonathan: thousands of people pause for just a moment to listen to the pope's speech. around the country millions more's to listen on television. it was a powerful message, more of a challenge for lawmakers to be better to do more to help other people. some of the most powerful sentiment that the pope expressed came when he was talking to the poor. jesse sterman ticks of coverage. she was there many address the catholic charities. here at: it all started
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st. patrick's church. these are the steps that many people involved in today's events started on as they would to change their lives, to overcome huge struggles. poverty, having to be an immigrant, drug addiction, homelessness, it all started right here were the remarks were made. tough choices they had to make but much more simple for the people involved today. recently had to decide to shake the popes and ortega selfie. selfie.s hand or take a pope francis was greeted like a rock star. access was like a coveted access pass. >> i was like what, of course i would love to be there. reporter: two weeks ago he was in a construction class standing next to a cutout of hope francis. today he shut his hand -- today he shook his hand. like i was touching god's representative on earth.
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reporter: sharing the blessing he was given with strangers on the street. >> this is the hand that shook the pope. reporter: he treated them as equals. >> and hear his message. and what he stands for and what he believes in. it is just incredible. >> that was the biggest reward you could have. he did not get to shake hands or take a selfie, but the popes message -- hope's ope's message filled him of hope. everybody we talked to today, no matter where they came from or what they've been through, shared when message. they said the pope told him that they have to help each other, love each other, and after today it is a message he say they will be moving forward with. jonathan: thank you very much. is beach the congress was a
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delicate talents. he did not want to necessarily challenge or criticize or condemn anybody. he wanted to inspire people to do better. he wanted them to know there was things that they can do in everyday life to help the people they represent. brad bell breaks down the speech. the first time a pope is ever addressed congress. reporter: he often talks about humility and joy, qualities often in short supply on the hill. he did have some pointed advice for both the house and the senate. andy did tweak both parties on the issues that matter to him. pope francis was warmly greeted in the capital by house speaker john boehner. they met privately in the pope was ushered into the house chamber. --mr. speaker, the hope pope of the holy see. he called for an end to the
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death penalty. here are just to be more tolerant of immigrants. pope francis: most of us were once foreigners. [applause] reporter: while alluding to abortion and the safety of life while urging congress to seek dialogue instead of war, and he clean up the environment, the pope offered lawmakers are simple guiding thought. pope francis: lettuce for member the golden rule. do unto others -- [applause] it was a powerful, sincere, but humbled message. reporter: some opposed stayed away but most lawmakers seemed genuinely pleased with this first ever congressional speech by a pope. >> these are controversial subjects and he showed us bike sample we need to do in congress. proposalsre specific and a theme of love. reporter: the pope is expected
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to speak in new york and this weekend in philadelphia. brad bell, abc 7 news. jonathan: his visit is not over and neither is our coverage. you can find more of the pope's visit on abc seven and new channel 8. we've put together a great gallery on her website at you will see memorable moments drop the last couple of days and wonderful photo gallery with some of the best pictures we've seen. that's the latest in the capital. donna the lies, -- jonathan elias, abc 7 news. ♪
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leon: four people were killed and 21 hurt in seattle. they are reported to be in critical condition. the duck vehicle went out of control and crashed into the bus. investigators are trying to determine the exact circumstances. stay with abc 7. the shock of it all is sinking in after home explosion in columbia, maryland. it destroyed several townhouses
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on sleepy horse lane. none of the injuries were life-threatening. debris litters the neighborhood and chart uses of construction for made in the street. investigators are sifting through the rubble to find out the cause. it occurred shortly after some of reported smelling gas in the neighborhood. >> everything was blown out of cabinets and drawers. furniture is completed destroyed. the home exploded. there are things in there i wish i could get. none of us were hurt. that's the most important thing. maureen: we are told six homes are now uninhabitable as the investigation continues. leon: coming up just ahead at 6:00, just hours after a speech from pope francis, the reaction for planned parenthood.
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how they voted in what it means. maureen: another perfect fall day for the pope's visit but there are some storms in store for the weekend. doug hill has your forecast of next. robert: we will go to jersey where we will preview the thursday night football game. skins and giants. that's when abc 7 at 6:00 continues. leon: live pictures of 5th avenue as the pope is inspected to take a trip down the road momentarily heading to st. patrick's cathedral. stay with us. ♪
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leon: some live pictures of new york city where the pope has arrived. he is on his way to st. patrick's cathedral. we are watching for his motorcade to come down the street. one of the most a miss streets in america. one of the most famous streets in america. fifth avenue. he will be leading a prayer service. governor entered, and senator
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chuck schumer are waiting for him to arrive and should be -- he should be there any moment. it will be the pope's final event of the night. he is up bright and early tomorrow morning to visit the u.n. and will perform a service the 9/11 memorial at ground zero. maureen: not a cloud in sight. or raindrop. on capitol hill today the senate blocked a short-term spending bill that would defund planned parenthood. many republican lawmakers want to remove taxpayer funding for the group. it follows a scandal related to a highly edited video that seemed to show unethical practices. it forces republican leaders to figure out their next move to avoid a government shutdown next wednesday. now we get to talk about the
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weather. it's beautiful in new york. doug: i think the weather here will say fine for the next couple of days. breezy and cooler and cloudy in the next few days. let's get to it. a live look from the rooftop camera in arlington. on the right-hand side is crystal city and pentagon city. what a delightful evening all across the area. tomorrow will be a nice day. we start with sunshine and some clouds later on. 76 is the average. 59 the actual an average low temperature for this part of september. very comfortable outside. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. 78 still in hagerstown. 74 degrees in annapolis. it will be partly cloudy. overnight temperatures, some of these by morning. the average weight of temperature will be about 60 degrees. the wind out of the northeast at
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5-10. it's one of the few things we are certain of over the next couple of days. the wind direction the lockout of the east-northeast and making its way. the weather teachers were watching off the east coast of the southeastern u.s., that will push westward inland. that is not normally the way the systems work. high pressure to the north will be developing. it will be the interplay between the two systems that will affect the weekend weather. playing some educated guessing games looking at the computer models. increasing cloudiness tomorrow and some rain moving in by tomorrow afternoon south of the day. -- bay. we think by sunday or early monday the rain might try to be back to the northeast again. cloudy, breezy, cool weather saturday three -- through monday. it will be mild.
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especially on saturday and sunday and every get into monday and tuesday. things will start to warm up rather to medically. it will take you to the next seven days and temperatures get above average of the back average with the next chance of rain sometime by wednesday. beautiful tomorrow, a few clouds and a low in chance of rain over the weekend. maureen: thank you. leon: a short the a big test tonight. papa night in new york. thursday night football, redskins and giants. eli manning. wait for it. he has not one yet this season. -- won yet this season. that is up next in
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>> and now between the sports desk. -- toyota sports desk. robert: last thursday night fourng with 300 yards foand touchdowns. aaron hawksworth is in new jersey with more. erin: the last time the redskins beat the giants in new york was way back in 2011. the players tell me this team is different. especially when it comes to defense. when redskins general manager
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scott mcluhan took over he wanted a tough, physical football team and it appears that is what is starting to happen. >> those guys are starting to mesh in jail. defense isedskins making first in total defense. that is not mean it will be easy against eli manning and the giants tonight. >> they are still playing right now. just to get to them and play against them and see what he is seeing and how he adjusts to make your he can stop and defend you, it will be a fabulous game. >> we will face obviously different challenges every week. obviously the receivers of the giants have in the quarterback a have, we will get a stern test this week and see how they respond. erin: this is an important game for the redskins. would prove they are no longer the easy meal ticket
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win that the giants are used to. it would make the relevant at 2-1 to win a division game. sports.wksworth, abc 7 robert: both teams fighting for a shot at the playoffs. goodbye. one until win after that. rally and now lead for-three in the seventh inning. the seventh. leon: no more drops. doug: raindrops are coming for the weekend. 30% higher than 40% chance of showers developing saturday and sunday. cooler and low 70's. it will warm back up as we head through early next week. back to the upper 70's, to about
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80. the best chances of showers will be south and west of the metro. that's one of the things steve will be giving his eye on tonight at 11:00. cooler temperatures, gusty winds, any chance of we can showers. hopefully tonight or tomorrow we can make it more definite and say yes, it will rain or no, it will not. maureen: maybe. doug: maybe. that is the story. leon: we can say with some certitude that pope francis is in new york. happening to us a couple blocks away from st. patrick's cathedral. that is where the pope will be delivering a message tonight to an assembled crowd. we will keep you posted throughout the night
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tonight, the breaking news. pope francis arrives here in new york city. we're at the famous st. patrick's cathedral, where he is tonight. ground zero, central park also on his list. making history in washington, the first pope to speak before congress. on some issues, the applause divided. and behind the scenes, the moment, what vice president joe biden said to him, and what the pope repeopled back. meantime, the other breaking news tonight. the scene from the west. the deadly collision between a charter bus and a duck boat for tourists. the death toll growing at this hour. the deadly stampede overseas tonight. the numbers simply staggering. more than 700 kills during the annual pilgrimage near mecca. the new poll numbers coming in. where does donald trump stand now? and the invisible danger inside so many homes. tonight, the massive explosion. you'll see it here. and what every homeowner needs to know.


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